Write Your Funnel Emails

Purchase this bundle, and get access to my 30 min training, 8 email templates for your sales funnel, and an outline on how the email sequence should look.
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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • How to write an email nurture sequence for your sales funnel that turns subscribers into paying clients. 
  • How to continue to write emails that nurture your email list
  • How to know your exact ideal client inside and out so that when you are writing an email you are speaking directly to that person.
  • How to create a last chance email that creates a big enough sense of urgency to get the sales or scheduling a discovery call. 
  • What an email needs to look like to catch the eye of your subscribers to read it through. 
  • How to catch the eye of your subscribers to open up your emails through a few tricks of the trade. 
  • My 8 email templates for you to use for your sales funnel. 
  • An outline of how those templates go inside your funnel.
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